Commercial cleaning services company based in Bowie, Maryland.

We work 24/7 to ensure minimal disruption to your daily business activities – Office cleaning services, Day or Night office cleaning. Call us to enable us work with you to design a plan for your business facility.

insured and bonded

Why Choose Us?

At Neatspacepro, we understand that an effective cleaning plan must be adaptable to suit the specific requirements of each building. Embracing this challenge is something we take pleasure in. 

Our expertise and experience enable us not only to resolve our clients’ issues but also assisting you in evaluating our proposals and selecting the optimal course of action fit for your facility.

Virus vaporizer Disinfecting

Carpet Cleaning

Tile and Grout Deep Cleaning

Rest Room & Hygiene Service

Restroom-paper Management

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Our Services

We proactively provide our clients with suggestions to improve the overall health, safety of the work space after careful evaluation by our operations leadership team.