About Us

About Us

We are a client-centred commercial cleaning company based in Bowie, Maryland. We offer top-quality cleaning services in the DMV area that are unique to you and your needs . We are dedicated to spreading our goal of neat workspaces. We strive to go beyond what is expected by providing outstanding services.

Our Vision Statement

To build a life-time relationship with our clients beyond cleaning whilst providing spotless cleaning services as one of the most sought after in the industry.

Our Mission Statement

To provide a client-centric commercial cleaning services that are essential for nurturing productive and healthy workspaces, with a focus on achieving measurable results.

Our Core Values

We believe that with right training and certifications, team members, in turn, will provide a service that maintains human health and safety.

We believe in workplace health and safety first. Therefore, our policies are developed with the fundamental principles derived from federal agencies – the CDC (The United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) and USGBC (The U.S. Green Building Council).

Through industry best practices our employees are provided with Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) that protects them from possible exposure to chemicals, noise, airborne pathogens, and any other work related injury that may occur while performing their duties in line with OSHA regulations.

Besides, security is paramount. We ensure your business’s safety by rigorously screening our staff, using secure cleaning protocols, and maintaining strict confidentiality, safeguarding your assets and sensitive information through imbibing the security system/culture of your business facility.



Quality Assurance

To ensure the highest level of service quality, our motto Partnership Beyond Cleaning  informs our strict  regular reporting and inspections, client feedback channels, and ongoing training for our cleaning staff. Our goal is to consistently exceed your expectations.

We make sure your facility receive regular – monthly inspections; daily reports highlighting activities throughout your building for your review to confirm that our commercial cleaning team is continuing to meet your expectations and the high standards of Neatspacepro.  

We are confident that our day-to-day interaction and transparency will enable us adapt to changes which in-turn yields the trust our clients deserve. If it is not perfect for you then it is not good enough.


We provide you with efficient cleaning services with clear communication, respect and punctuality.

Depending on frequency you want your business space to be cleaned – weekly, Biweekly or as the case may be. We Provide you with flexible scheduling, tailored cleaning plans, and a responsive customer service.


We believe sustainability is not just a buzzword but a responsibility, it informs everything we do. We strive to reduce our carbon imprint by using earth friendly products and equipment in line with Green Seal (GS-42) leading industry standards as opposed to traditional cleaning.

In addition to our internal practices, we work with clients to help them improve on sustainability practices by conducting audits to see areas that need improvements and guidance on how to improve sustainable cleaning practices.

By making sustainability as one of our core values we are doing our part to create more sustainable future.

Partnership beyond cleaning

We build trust through acting with honesty doing what we agreed that we will do, accepting responsibility for our actions and in-actions , admitting our mistakes, and when amends needs to be made we will not only fix it, we will make it right to guarantee your satisfaction.